Utility Class Ships Edit

Utility Class Ships are meant specifically to assist in construction, repair or maintenance of ship fleets, mine asteroids for resources (RU) salvage destroyed wreckage for resources or other duties. complex Mod introduces several new types of ships, each with their own specific use in game.

Utility ships are usually slow moving, unarmed small vessels designed to mine resources, transport cargo, facilitate trade or for intelligence gathering.

  • Resource Collector: Basic Utility ship. Can harvest resources from asteroids, repair ships when upgraded to do so and can be ordered to garrison Mining Bases to mine resources.
  • Salvage Collector: Secondary resource harvester, built to harvest resources from damaged or destroyed wreckage or debris left behind after a battle.
  • Mine Container: Slow moving cargo ship designed exclusively to gather resources mined from within a Mining Base, and return it for processing in the nearest available docking area.
  • Trade Convoy: A small frigate sized vessel designed exclusively to ferry trade goods between allied fleets in a battlefield to generate resources.
  • Mobile Refinery: Frigate sized vessel necessary for mining operations. Unarmed, weak and very slow, these ships provide 2 drop off points for resource collectors.
  • Probe: Necessary, indispensable asset in combat, Probes are the main source of intel for all fleets. Can only be moved once after manufacture and are easily destroyed, but provide its owner with a wide field of view of its designated area.
  • Proximity Sensor: Similar to a probe, but it is able to detect cloaked or otherwise invisible units in its vicinity.
  • Sensor Distortion Probe: Similar to a probe, but designed to limit enemy line of sight and disrupt communications.
  • Advanced Probe: A more powerful, stronger probe capable of cloaking to hide its presence, exposing a wider area of the battlefield for intel.
  • Core: Exclusively built by Hiigaran fleets, the Core stores fleet technologies and can regenerate or construct a new mothership, should the old one be lost to combat. Destroys everything in a wide radius if it is destroyed.
  • Ghost: A covert cloaked probe, reveals a smaller area but can remain cloaked for much longer.
  • Rattle: Vaygr Exclusive Advanced Probe. Exactly the same use and abilities as Advanced Probe.
  • Advanced Mobile Refinery: A heavier, bulkier version of the Mobile Refinery, built exclusively by Vaygr fleets. Carries four drop off points and point defense system for mining operations.