Mothership Edit

Description Edit

Motherships are the core of every fleet on the battlefield, and are a mobile base of operations for every fleet, both races have their own unique Motherships and each vessel has its own unique traits and abilities but serve similar functions.

Every fleet starts with one and only one mothership, and if it is destroyed it can be extremely difficult or impossible to replace. Vaygr and Hiigaran motherships differ in design and overall functionality. Motherships form the direct line between the commander and the fleet, and can be fitted with a huge variety of modules and addons to cope with the changing battlefield.

Production Abilities Edit

Every mothership can build up to a certain size, the largest vessel a mothership can build using on-board systems is a Carrier or a Destroyer. Each has the ability, when upgraded with relevant modules to build Fighter class, Corvette Class, Frigate Class, Utility Class, Production Capital Class and Capital class vessels.

Weaponry Edit

Combat Abilities vary ship to ship, but each mothership is incredibly difficult to destroy and can host a wide variety of armors, sensors, generators and weapons. Each mothership at start is equipped with basic anti-fighter point defense weapons and a basic armor regeneration system, allowing it to fend off small attacks and repair any damage incurred post-battle. They can be upgraded with heavier equipment for attacking or effectively defending against fighters, bombers, frigates and even destroyers, also able to fit special weaponry with more powerful punch such as Ion Cannon turrets or nuclear missile launchers. When fully upgraded or heavily armed the ship can be formidable enough to single-handedly destroy a small fleet with minimal damage.